Los Angeles Brewing Company Bottled Beer

I discovered this bottled beer advertisement in a 1916 Los Angeles City Directory (similar to the 1915 Los Angeles City Directory I recently acquired) and thought it was too cool not to share. The advertisement reads…

Best By Every Test
Eastside Bottled Beer
Stands Supreme
Los Angeles Brewing Co.
For Sale Everywhere

Best By Every Test - Los Angeles Brewing CompanyBest By Every Test – Los Angeles Brewing Company

This is the first advertisement I’ve seen for locally bottled beer in Los Angeles. Eastside (also known as East Los Angeles) is typically referred to as the part of LA that lies east of downtown. The Los Angeles Brewing Co. also ran advertisements in the 1915 version of the same directory I saw this ad in, and it is nearly identical to the one shown here.

Nearly 100 years later, the brewing and bottling of beer in Los Angeles is becoming popular again, with several microbreweries recently having been opened in the downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas. If I stay on pace I should have plenty of pics for this year’s beer drinking photo review.