Beer Drinking iPhone Photo Review 2010

Earlier today I began browsing through 2010 photos taken with my iPhone, thinking I would transfer them online to my Flickr account, and maybe create a blog post or two. I didn’t realize, until I checked the directories, that I had around 2000 photos taken for the year. Those don’t include photographs taken from my Droid, my point and click digital camera, or even my Canon DSLR, just my iPhone. Perhaps I should be going to a photographers anonymous meeting.

Since it was raining in Los Angeles today, and I had no plans, it was the perfect Saturday to browse through photos and share a selection online. They’re not of the best quality, but I posted just about 80 photographs in an iPhone 2010 Photo Review set on Flickr. Some people take pictures of things they’re about to eat, apparently I take pictures of things I’m about to drink, as I noticed there was a pattern of beer related photography. I love beer, my parents have let me drink it since the age I was old enough to ask for it, but that’s another blog post altogether.

Every beer has a story to go with it, admittedly none of this stuff may interest you, but if by chance it does, grab yourself a cold one and check out some of these photos. They are sort of in chronological order, along with some geolocation information. Here it goes… my beer drinking iPhone photo review for the year 2010.

Made in MexicoThis photo was taken on January 21, 2010 in Farmstead, Smyrna, GA, US, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

Being that this photograph was geo-tagged in Georgia, I’m reminded it was taken during a speaking trip at Life Chiropractic School in Marietta Georgia, during a LifeForce chiropractic weekend. I won’t say it was the first of many Coronas drank during that trip to Atlanta, but I did have a great time in Atlanta, and I really did appreciate the Southern hospitality.

Heineken First-Class Delta AirlinesThis photo was taken on February 5, 2010 on Imperial Highway, Los Angeles, CA, US, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

To be exact, the photo above was taken while still at the gate of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Delta terminal. It is a significant beer, because it was the first one marking my trip to Super Bowl XLIV in Miami Florida. It was a redeye flight, but they kept the beers coming and it was hard to resist. A great start to a fantastic football weekend.

Cheesecake Factory BeerThis photo was taken on February 20, 2010 in Machado, Marina del Rey, CA, US, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

February 2010, I can’t quite recall the brand of beer but I remember it was taken at the cheesecake factory down the street from my house in Venice Beach. I don’t eat here a lot, but it is within walking distance from my home and the Marina del Rey Cheesecake Factory has often treated me with good service, good food, and good libation. This was a particularly sunny February afternoon, and sitting outdoors enjoying a beer and good company, is fine by me.

Dark Beer Microbrew Portland OregonThis photo was taken on March 9, 2010 in Sunderland, Portland, OR, US, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

The beer in the photograph above marked my trip home from SearchFest in Portland Oregon in March 2010. I was honored that they had me come in and speak on twitter and social media related topics. I enjoyed this microbrew in the PDX Airport, but I don’t recall the name of the restaurant/pub it was served at. I remember seeing a sign saying something like “supporting local Portland breweries” so I figured I’d try some out. This beer was dark like chocolate and it was really tasty. I believe I had a bacon cheeseburger to go along with it. A perfect combination.

Stella Artois Hollywood FloridaStella Artois photo taken in Hollywood Florida

Not sure why the above beer photograph did not get properly geo-tagged, I didn’t see any location information in the exif data, however it was taken with my iPhone in Hollywood Florida, the weekend of the Super Bowl. I don’t recall the name of the restaurant, but I had a huge cheeseburger that took about 45 minutes to get delivered to the table. It was incredibly windy outdoors, and while enjoying beers along the channel, we watched boats go by. Nearly everybody in town was in the football NFL championship spirit. There’s an interesting energy when the Super Bowl is in town, it’s like the city is on holiday.

Heineken between the LegsThis photo was taken on May 13, 2010 in Montana, Santa Monica, CA, US, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

Taken in May 2010, and apparently between my legs, I have no idea on what occasion this beer photograph was taken. According to the exif data on my phone, I was in Santa Monica, California at the time. A restaurant on Lincoln Blvd. perhaps, maybe a friends house, I don’t recall. But it’s one of the better focused beer related images from my iPhone, so maybe the more I drink, the better quality the photos get.

Belgian Night Train Microbrew BeerThis photo was taken on May 15, 2010 in Venice, CA, US, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

I remember this beer well, a microbrew made in Los Angeles, called Belgian Night Train. One of my patients, who is a liquor distributor, brought this beer for me to try, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Drinking an American microbrew in a German stein may not be the best choice, but that’s how I served it up in the house. When I was a kid, one of my grandmothers in Germany, would send a beer stein to me each year as a Christmas gift. I thought it was real cool as a kid, then not so cool for a while, and again real cool as an adult. Especially since I still have the entire collection (there are currently five authentic German beer steins on the desk to the right of me as I write this) and I rotate through them several times a year, enjoying many types of different beer.

Alexander Keith's Fine Beers CanadaThis photo was taken on July 4, 2010 in Downtown, Vancouver, BC, CA, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

The Fourth of July in downtown Vancouver Canada. There were many different brands of beer drank during the several days I was in British Columbia, but only two or three there were actually photographed with my iPhone. This one, Alexander Keith’s, was served to me while in a pub in downtown Vancouver. It was a great beer (it’s rare I have a beer I don’t like – but it has happened), enjoyed along with an order of bangers and mash.

Stanley Park Brewery 1897 AmberThis photo was taken on July 4, 2010 in Downtown, Vancouver, BC, CA, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

The same pub on the same day, but a different beer. I could have spent an entire afternoon here drinking (not saying that I didn’t) the various brands of beer they had on tap and in bottles. It was walking distance from the Marriott Hotel in downtown Vancouver, but I don’t remember the name of the place. I was pleasantly impressed with the number of microbrews in the Vancouver area. During one of my days there, I made a trip to Granville Island to visit a microbrewery, and enjoyed several hours of tasting nearly everything they served. While some people like wine tasting trips, I’ll take a microbrewery beer tasting trip any day. Only thing better would be a tequila tasting trip in Mexico.

Doppelbock Weihenstephaner KorbinianThis photo was taken on September 19, 2010 in Venice, CA, US, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

The German Doppelbock Weihenstephaner, enjoyed at my home on September 19, 2010. This beer was dark with a dark roasted malt flavor. I remember this one because I’ve had it several times. There is a great place to get beer (beverage warehouse) nearby in Los Angeles, and as a result, I usually have eight or more brands in stock at home, at all times. For me, I found the trick is to buy at least two of each beer. If I like them, I can have another, and pickup more on the next trip. I don’t usually drink more than two at a time anyways, unless it’s a long weekend, so it works out quite well. This is the last beer in the photo set for 2010.

I didn’t plan at the beginning of the year to take photographs of beer, and I certainly didn’t plan on doing a beer drinking related blog post, it just sort of worked out that way. If by the way we’re ever hanging out, let’s have a beer together sometime.

Stella Artois Hollywood Florida