Photography Copyright

I love photography. I also love sharing my photographs with others. I think that’s part of the motivation to produce a good effort. I began uploading chiropractic related images to an ISP provider hosting account around 1996, and I’ve been incorporating my photographs on Planet Chiropractic for 13+ years.

Nowadays, my photographs appear on numerous sites, blogs, and in search engine results. I’m delighted to see my photographs have appeared on news sites like, been of use for production by media companies like MTV, and are chosen by friends for use as avatars and profile pictures. My photographer philosophy follows my chiropractic philosophy which is to serve for the sake of serving.

While I’m a chiropractor first and foremost, my reputation for taking photos has steadily been growing. I’ve had press/photo access at numerous sporting events and conferences, I have photographed hundreds of individuals (primarily in Las Vegas and Los Angeles), and I never hike the mountains or desert (or any travel for that matter) without at least one piece of photo gear.

Currently, I receive an average of a request per day to use a photo I took in either a blog post, print media, as an avatar, profile photo, or other miscellaneous use. I created this photo copyright page to minimize misunderstandings and be clear as to how my photos can be used.

The majority of my photos are available via Creative Commons licensing, here are the details.

Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License (thousands of my photos are available this way)

Basically, you are free:

  • to Share – to copy, distribute and transmit the photo/s (on your blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, etc.)
  • to Remix – to adapt the photo/s (keep it tasteful please)
  • to make commercial use of the photo/s (if you make money that’s cool by me)

Under the following conditions:

The most common use of my photography is for use in blog posts or on websites. In that case linking is easy and the code would look similar to one of the examples here.

  • Photo provided by <a href=””>Michael Dorausch</a>
  • Photo Credit: <a href=””>Michael Dorausch</a>
  • Photography by <a href=””>Michael Dorausch</a>

If you are using one of my photos on Facebook it should be easy to provide attribution and a link as provided above. I realize that a link is not possible in every situation (for example as your Twitter avatar or profile photo) so I’ve provided alternatives that are as easy (or easier) than uploading a new profile pic. Here are a few ideas.

Common Scenarios

Most of my photos are originally found at one of three locations on the web (see below). If the photo was originally posted to Planet Chiropractic, and is used on your blog or website, the photo attribution (credit) and link should point to the post where the photo was first used. Here are a few examples.

  • Photo Credit: <a href=””>Planet Chiropractic</a>
  • Photography courtesy of <a href=””>Planet Chiropractic</a>
  • Photo provided by <a href=””>choose appropriate anchor text</a>

Commercial Use Without Attribution

Want to use my photos on the web or in print without providing credit and/or a link? You can do that too! An example would be a chiropractor that wants to use my photography without attributing me or providing a link to any of my works. Here are options.

  • $500 per photo for lifetime use on a single website or blog (must include written permission from me)
  • contact me for pricing on print related licensing (pricing in past has ranged from $50 to $1000 per photo used)

Using the methods provided above people will continue to be able to identify the source of images, and contact me regarding their own use, which I believe is a win-win for everyone. When my photography is not credited (and there’s no record of license agreement) it creates confusion and a tendency for my photos to be used without permission and/or in ways that are not permitted. I prefer to invest my time enjoying life and taking photos vs filing DMCA complaints to protect my rights as a photographer.

An easy way to get in touch is to contact me on twitter (@chiropractic) or email me at planetc1 [@] gmail. If you ever have a question about photo licensing or creative commons use of my work, simply contact me. If you’ve discovered you are using my photo/s without attribution and/or permission, contacting me before I contact you would make my day. Here’s a list of places you can see my photographs.

  • My Flickr Photo Set – Over 7,000 photos and counting, ranging a wide number of subjects. I’ll post a selection here if I find a suitable plugin.
  • My Panoramio Photo Set – I mainly post landscape related photos on Panoramio. Many have been selected for Google Earth.
  • Photo Category on this site (

Want high resolution photos for print work? Contact me and I’ll do my best to locate the original. Seeking another way to reimburse me for my work? Gift cards from Amazon, or Starbucks all make me smile.

Cheers and thanks for visiting!