How to Disable Google Local Search

I love local search. When Google showed their commitment to local in October of 2010 by launching Place Search I got very excited (but I also had to update a lot of slides for local search presentations). However, it wasn’t long before I discovered Google was sharing local results for everything I searched, and that began to bug me. You too?

Thanks to a tip from Dave Rohrer @daver (one of several tips I got at PubCon) I now have a solution on how to remove Google local search from results. It is simple to remove location from Google search and I’ve shared some screenshots so you can do it too.

search paint google los angelesDefault results when searching the keyword: paint

I did a search for paint and the screenshot above shows default results. My location was auto detected as Los Angeles and the first result was for a business selling paint in Los Angeles. There was also advertising for paint above the top Place Search (or local) results.

search paint google united statesChange Location to United States to Remove Location-based Search

The tip I got was simple, change the auto detected location to United States and set that as your default location. Wow, I can’t tell you how many searches I had conducted during the past several months, that all returned local results. I wanted back my old Google!

search google paint united statesLooks More like Old Google Search to Me

Yippee! The screenshot above shows what the same search for paint looks like when location is set to United States instead of whatever location Google had auto detected. Notice there’s no more red centroid as the top result? There’s also no advertising above the organic results. Finally, instead of Dunn-Edwards appearing as the top result, the top three organic results (Behr Paint, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams) are in the same order as the match for brands related searches for paint.

Cool stuff eh? Thanks Dave!


  1. Kristine S says:

    Thanks!! I hate getting local for everything. The way I see it. If it can’t ship (like Dr’s and Restaurants, I probably want a local and if it can I probably want online – you know if they insist on reading our minds) So this is a nice alternative!


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