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What was the best SEO/Social Media tip overheard at PubCon?

If you set up a #pubcon hash tag for last week’s conference in Austin, you may had noticed that at times the search stream appeared to be moving like a video, as there were so many updates. There was lots of great information shared in the sessions, and tweeting tips was a regular part of audience activities, but did you catch them all?

Twitter Promote PubConTwitter Marketing Slide During @ArnieK PubCon Presentation

Throughout the 2-Day Conference, I grabbed a couple dozen tweeted tips, but I didn’t get them all. If you remember any that I may have missed, feel free to add them in the comments.

joeyabna: best seo tip overheard at #pubcon monitor your social checkins live engage them and make sure they have a good experience.

MonsterResource: The best seo tip I got at #pubcon is to fix broken internal links, if you use word press, The brokenlinkchecker plug in is a good one.

graywolf: TIP: Retweet someone who is at the show you want to meet/talk to, they will notice and its an easy way to break the ice.

MelyssaTweeting: #pubcon Great #ORM tips coming from @btabke – monitor your employees names <– totally didn’t even think about that one!

portentint: Wonderwheel for keyword research, and thought process research – great tip from @katemorris #pubcon

DallasSEOGuru: #pubcon tip: buy a guru a beer and get better tips. I learned it from #dfwsem

joeyabna: WordPress tips from #pubcon Edit Your Urls before you post the article. Make prettier urls with the right keywords nothing extra.

TechLH: nice tip RT @affpathfinder: go to phone stores and test them all for your local business. See what shows up.

ADIO Chiropractic Maps McConnell BraddockADIO Chiropractic appearing centered on screen of Motorola device inside a Verizon store

toddmintz: RT @graywolf: TIP: Don’t sit in your room watching TLC go to the networking events, meet and introduce yourself to people u will be rewarded.

Thos003: Tip… RT @schachin: Co-ordinate your content writing, posting and link building schedules > @saffyre9 #Pubcon

PaulWilson: Greatest tip from #pubcon: How to get your twitter name changed (Twitter Help). Thanks @alison for answering my question!

graywolf: TIP: Make sure you attend at least one session where you learn something new every conference #pubcon

Lau066: Google Webmaster Tool Tip: Make sure email associated with Google Webmaster Tools is correct – this is critical!

martyjbell: Good tip RT @knit_hat: RT @lpickles: Take anyone’s bitly link and add + to see clicks #pubcon

Spencer_Kendall: Book Tip: Brett Tabkes 26 Steps to 15K Visits a Day #pubcon (I think he is referring to a WMW post by @btabke aka Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone)

Also, @DanZarrella (2 R’s 2 L’s) shared a tip with me on attracting more followers by helping people out on twitter. Using Twitter Search, enter a keyword followed by a space and then a question mark (like Headaches ?)

Hope to see ya’ll in Las Vegas (I’m speaking), read my guide before you go, and know you can always walk from the airport if you want the exercise.

OK, what else you got?


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