1873 Los Angeles City Saloon Advertisement

Recently while doing business listing research on the city of Los Angeles, I got the opportunity to view and photograph a rare advertisement from the 1873 Los Angeles City and County Directory. The ad is for a saloon owned by historical Los Angeles figure Henry Dockweiler (aka Heinrich Dockweiler).

The 1915 Los Angeles City Directory (and the 1916 directory) had advertisements for locally brewed and bottled beer by the Los Angeles Brewing Company, but I don’t recall any advertisements for local saloons. Check out this advertisement for Henry Dockweiler’s Mammoth Lager Beer Saloon, which was located under Temple Bank, in downtown Los Angeles.

Henry Dockweilers Saloon Los AngelesNo Killing at 300 yards here.

The above 1873 saloon advertisement was 42 years prior to the ads I saw for beer in Los Angeles in 1915. Dockweiler’s saloon served cool lager, wines, liquors and cigars. The word to the wise is most interesting. There would be no killing at 300 yards from the saloon’s central downtown location on the corner of Spring Street and Main Street in Los Angeles.