Trailheads, Closed Roads, and Muddy Jeeps

If you’re hiking and/or camping in the San Bernardino National Forest it’s not unlikely you’ll come across 4×4 trails and other dirt roads that have been gated off, like the one shown here at Green Canyon Road.

Green Canyon Road SBNFGreen Canyon Road at Wildhorse Meadows (34.205833, -116.765167)

If you like off-road dirt trail driving (DMV licensed vehicles), camping and hiking, this is a great location to spend some time. As I posted recently, using the proper map, is important in identifying locations and names of dirt roads in the area. While Green Canyon Road is gated at both entry points, there is a trailhead here that can be followed to Sugarloaf Mountain (that’s one option).

Muddy Jeep UnlimitedMy Muddy Rubicon

Yellow post-campsite 54 is not far (2N93D) from where these photos were taken. I didn’t find any part of national forest road 2N93 required four-wheel drive but there were patchy sections of mud so it’s a good thing to have a fairly good clearance vehicle with the option of 4×4 if traveling through the area. There are some forest roads in the area recommended for 4×4 high clearance vehicles only, so do your homework before entering the forest.

Rubicon Jeep Black and TanMud Covered Rubicon Jeep

The mud that got on my Jeep this past trip was incredibly sticky and it took several washings to get the majority of it off. If you want less mud and you still want to hike to Sugarloaf Mountain (or along the Green Canyon Trail) there is a much easier entry point off of California State Highway 38 (aka Rim of the World Scenic Byway). The turn off at Hatchery Road is not the easiest to find but it’s a short 1.3 miles to a small parking area for the trailhead. Be sure to have an Adventure Pass on your parked vehicle.

Green Canyon Sugarloaf TrailheadGreen Canyon Sugarloaf Mountain Trailhead (34.218447, -116.805867)

Another gated area that is closed to vehicular traffic but the parking area is nearby. Check the coordinates above to view them on your map of choice. This trail is along Green Canyon Road and can be taken all the way to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. The topo guide for this area is Moonridge an elevation begins at around 7500 feet. Even in July you can expect some mud on the trail so prepare your hiking gear accordingly.

Shiny Black RubiconMuch Cleaner Version of my Rubicon Jeep

I love hitting the mountains and the desert for hiking, camping, and 4×4 off-road adventures, but I hate washing and detailing my vehicle. I also hate the immense amount of gas is traveling from Venice Beach to any of my preferred locations, which are typically 150+ miles away from home. Fortunately, there is always someone happy to detail my Jeep (for a hefty price) and there’s plenty of refueling gas stations along the way.