Super Bowl XLIV South Florida Photos

What a great time in South Florida for Super Bowl XLIV. I didn’t bring along my Canon Rebel DSLR because I didn’t think it would get past security (but of course, I saw loads of people with professional cameras and no photographer credentials inside the stadium) so all I had was my iPhone and a Nikon CoolPix S560 camera. Taking photos with my phone turned out to be an easier task anyways. At some point during the Superbowl that would’ve certainly been beer spilled on my more expensive camera rig.

Super Bowl XLIV ticketsAFC NFC World Championship Game

I picked up my tickets at will call early Sunday afternoon, which left plenty of time to head on over to the stadium early. Tickets read… National Football League Super Bowl XLIV – AFC-NFC World Championship Game Sunday, February 7, 2010, 6 PM Dolphin Stadium, South Florida.

Dolphins Stadium South FloridaDolphin Stadium – South Florida

Once we got past the massive security lines and screenings this is what things looked like on the inside. The huge Superbowl 44 Roman numerals can be seen from miles away. Like I’m seeing at lots of stadiums across the US, there was a Wal-Mart nearby, it was crazy packed, but there was no stadium parking permitted in the lot. Parking for Super Bowl XLIV was at a premium, starting at $75 and easily up to $300 for a premium parking space.

Raiders chiropractic South FloridaRaiders NFL display

Once you were inside the official tailgate area there was a multitude of things to do. There was lots of beer, BBQ’s, cars on display, vendors giving away Superbowl 44 schwag, and a player display for every team in the NFL. I really like that every team was represented, and the displays were really popular amongst fans. If you weren’t a die hard Indianapolis Colts or New Orleans Saints fan, you could get your photo taken with team colors of your choice.

Dorausch RaidersOakland Raiders – Silver and Black

I really liked that they had these NFL team displays set up. At this point I wished I had brought along my DSLR camera, but I settled for handing someone my iPhone and snapping pictures on several occasions. Fortunately, the Southern Florida sun was cooperating and giving us pretty good light throughout the daytime festivities.

Colts End ZoneEnd Zone Super Bowl XLIV

The view from our seats was spectacular. There were huge TV screens on either side of the stadium, and we had a clear view of all the action taking place on the field. I recently paid a premium to sit front row on the 40 yard line for a Ravens Raiders game, and while you are close enough to meet players, the seating turned out to be a horrible view of the field. I’d much rather sit up higher so I can get a clear view of action taking place.

Super Bowl XLV will be taking place in Dallas on February 6, 2011, at the recently built Cowboys stadium.


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