Roses Not Always Red

With Valentine’s Day coming, I was reminded of roses and found these in a photo set from a trip to Canada. Roses are not always red, but red roses are by far the most popular. I photographed these flowers in Vancouver Canada while walking in Stanley Park.

red rosesRed Roses

While reds are beautiful and popular, I love roses in other colors as well. There were quite a few varieties growing in the park, a place I’d recommend a visit to. Unlike the grueling Grouse Grind, hiking Stanley Park can be peaceful and quite enjoyable.

lilac purple roseLilac Purple Rose & Rosebuds

The purple (lilac purple perhaps?) roses looked and smelled terrific. The rose gardens inside the park are well maintained and there’s an abundance of plants and wildlife to photograph.

pink rosePink Rose

The pink rose was one of my favorites. Walking the parks of Vancouver is nothing like hiking the deserts of Southern California, but desert wildflowers are still my favorites. Happy Valentine’s!