Calling on Some Local Search Gurus

I’ve been holding off on posting a lot of tech related content on my chiropractic web sites because most of its just not suitable for the audience. I currently work out ideas on a huge Whiteboard in my home office but I want to begin posting some thoughts publicly in hopes of getting interaction, advice, and wisdom from those facing similar projects. I figure here is as good a place as any to begin.

I am volunteering some local SEO gurus into my brain trust. My early list includes Andrew Shotland, Mike Blumenthal, David Mihm, and Matt McGee. I’ll add more as I expand on my thinking and project development.

Here’s my thought of the day…

Develop a Central Address Database Strategy

This may appear really simple but I’m currently stuck on how to best implement for ease of use. Each day I come across address, phone, and URL information for chiropractic offices across the United States. Some come by e-mail, some I discover on web sites, some are on business cards, some get written on note paper and handed to me at conferences (basically there are lots of sources on any given day).

My thought is to assign the development and management of the database to one person so that I can cut-and-paste or scan and e-mail info and be done with it. I vision a simple web-based interface were someone can administrate records to be added and/or modified for the day. That database would be readable by any directory web sites I own or choose to partner with, would integrate with local WordPress blogs, and basically be readable by any sites I’ve allowed on the administrative end to pull local address data.

I imagine there are some pre-existing solutions but I prefer to think this out in advance to avoid the most limiting blocks to achieving the goal of providing consistently updated information across a network of sites and online properties.

If there are any contributing thoughts, I’d appreciate reading them.


  1. Best part about this is the concept of the mastermind. After posting I imagined what the 4 gurus mentioned above giving me tips on such a project. Within the hour I had a slew of new ideas that are exactly what I was seeking. Funny thing is I haven’t spoken to anyone yet. I love ideas flow like that.

  2. At your service.

    Mike B.

  3. Thanks Mike. Spoke to some local guys this past weekend as well. Too many things going on not to be shared and learned from.