BlueGlassLA Photography and Headshots

Another BlueGlass conference has come to Los Angeles. BlueGlassLA was held on April 23 and April 24 at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. I had anticipated taking many photographs at the SEO barbecue but I was too busy pouring drinks and cooking hamburgers, so I never picked up my camera. Thanks to everyone who came out for Sunday’s event.

The photographs here are a selection from BlueGlassLA, I’ll either do an additional blog post or post the remaining photos to my Flickr BlueGlassLA photo set. If you’re doing recaps of the conference, you’re welcome to use images from the Flickr set or this blog. If doing so, please review my photo use policy.

BlueGlassLA Downtown Los AngelesBlueGlassLA in Downtown Los Angeles

It’s not often you can get a group of people together for one photograph, let alone in front of branding material for the event that featured BlueGlass and sponsors like Raven Tools. If you want a larger size version, just click on the photo. That’s Patrick Winfield on the left, he is the amazing graphics designer behind the BlueGlass brand.

Chris Winfield Raven Tools CookieChris Winfield with a Raven Tools Cookie (they were yummy)

The determined, ambitious and enthusiastic Chris Winfield shows off a Raven Tools cookie. Raven Tools provided cookies and energy drinks during one of the afternoon breaks, they are a great conference sponsor. Word is there’s a Raven Tools Poker Tournament taking place in Las Vegas October 2012, I’ll see you there.

Pamela Lund BlueGlassLABrian Lafrance BlueGlassLA

Two of my favorite friends in search are Pamela Lund and Brian LaFrance. There’s no sugar coating from either of these two. Pam is the likely reason nearly every BlueGlass employee at my barbecue ate meat but skipped the buns, we had a lot of white flour carbohydrates left over. Brian shows us that cookies from Raven Tools didn’t go to waste.

Arienne Holland BlueGlassLAArienne Holland at BlueGlassLA

It’s a rare occasion we get to see Arienne Holland not wearing a Raven Tools T-shirt. Arienne is communications director a Raven Internet Marketing Tools and she’s also the person behind the October poker tournament. I took photos at the previous poker tournament, and count on me taking photos at this year’s event as well.

Andrew Norcross BlueGlassLAAndrew Norcross at BlueGlassLA

Senior WordPress developer at BlueGlass, Andrew Norcross gets things done. Here’s a list of WordPress plug-ins he’s developed. I could definitely use some custom WordPress plug-in development myself, time to get moving on that.

Brian Clark BlueGlassLABrian Clark at BlueGlassLA

Another person you won’t find sugarcoating is Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media, that’s got to be the thing I like about him most. While he’s done a gazillion things since writing 10 sure-fire headline formulas that work, it’s the bookmarked post I’ve come back to for years. Brian Clark embodies the words “persistence alone is omnipotent.”

Dennis Goedegebuure BlueGlassLADennis Goedegebuure at BlueGlassLA

Dennis Goedegebuure has some pretty impressive photography gear, so I want to hang out with him at more conferences. Dennis also posted photos from BlueGlassLA to his Flickr photo set, he takes some great pictures. Aside from that, Dennis is an ultra cool dude.

Joost de Valk BlueGlassLAJoost de Valk at BlueGlassLA

Speaking of ultra cool dudes, I got to meet Joost de Valk for the first time, and the BlueGlass conference was his first time in Los Angeles. The weather was truly terrible, but I think Joost had a good time visiting otherwise. Joost is an authority on WordPress, WordPress plug-ins & website optimization. If you use WordPress, chances are you’re using a plug-in he’s developed, and you most likely been on

Kevin Gibbons and David Reynolds at BlueGlassLAKevin Gibbons and David Reynolds at BlueGlassLA

Kevin Gibbons and David Reynolds travel from the UK for the conference in Los Angeles. Not wanting to look out of place, they purchased swim shorts and flip-flops before coming over my house for the barbecue. Problem for them is the sun wasn’t out it was in the low 60s outside. Good thing there was plenty to drink. These two guys are a good example of brilliant people you can meet at a BlueGlass event. Kevin is the founder and director of strategy at SEOptimise and Dave Reynolds is Director of SEO at Reed Business Information.

Michelle Robbins BlueGlassLAMichelle Robbins at BlueGlassLA

Michelle Robbins is passionate, powerful, and quick-minded. The Secrets of Successful WordPress sites session she did with Joost and Andrew Norcross was one of my favorites. I had three key takeaways to get applied to my WordPress sites. Michelle is the street car driving expert (VP of technology) that keeps the engines running at Search Engine Land and other Third Door Media properties.

Raven Tools Team BlueGlassLARaven Tools Team at BlueGlassLA

I didn’t get everyone from the Raven Tools team all in one photograph but I’ll work on that when we are in Las Vegas in October. Thanks to everyone from Raven for being inventive, entertaining and enthusiastic.

Tim Mayer BlueGlassLATim Mayer at BlueGlassLA

This year Tim Mayer became the vice president of marketing at, a one stop savings spot for printable grocery coupons, online coupons and deals. Tim is an avid NFL football Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and I respect his courageous loyalty, as he’ll even support his team while in the Raider Nation blackhole. That shows dedication.

Richard Zwicky Chris Winfield Greg Boser BlueGlassLARichard Zwicky with Chris Winfield and Greg Boser at BlueGlassLA

An accomplished leader, Richard Zwicky is the most approachable chairman of the board I’ve ever met. Watching him interact with other BlueGlass team members is captivating. Energetic is a term I’d use to describe Chris Winfield, he is a nonstop “getting things done” kind of guy. Look at the above photo closely and you’ll notice Greg Boser is quite still, it’s likely he was preoccupied thinking about machine-readable structured data during the taking of this picture.

Sean Jackson BlueGlassLASean Jackson at BlueGlassLA

Also from the team at Copyblogger Media, Sean Jackson is another getting things done individual. Energy drinks have nothing on this guy, he’s enthusiastic and quite expressive. Apparently it’s a contagious trait among the people at Copyblogger.

Sonia Simone BlueGlassLASonia Simone Copyblogger BlueGlassLA

I wanted to be certain I got Sonia Simone photographed on her good side. It’s easy when you look good to the left, and you look good to the right. She is gifted, and delivers e-mails I’m compelled to read. You take Brian Clark’s persistency, mix it with Sean Jackson’s energy, and top it with Sonia’s intelligence, and you get nothing short of extraordinary.

CK Pam Darryl at BlueGlassLACK Chung with Pam and Darryl King at BlueGlassLA

Known to some as Kid Disco, my good friend CK Chung is a cheerful and kind hearted dude. While Pam may call me a fatty for eating cookies, Darryl King brought me Tim Tams from Australia, and I ate several while creating this post. Darryl lives in Brisbane and operates a full service Web concept, strategy, design and development company called ireckon. Like everybody shown photograph here, he’s a fun person to hang out with.

Note: Being that I’m not a designer, the darned tables I set up to display photos side by side appear to only work in Google Chrome browser, I’ll get that straightened out after I straighten spines today.


  1. Thank you and Mrs. Dr. Mike for being SUCH gracious hosts! A true honor to attend. I can tell you this “Pam is the likely reason nearly every BlueGlass employee at my barbecue ate meat but skipped the buns” is true!

  2. Great to have you all over, and Thank You for an amazing BlueGlass event in Los Angeles.


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