Best Las Vegas Convention Center Hotels

Please note that this is not a guide to Las Vegas hotels, there are many that will be left out of this post, I’ve chosen to focus on hotels that are best for attendees at conferences being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Las Vegas Convention Center South HallsI’ve attended numerous conferences held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and I can tell you that the place is massive. Located at 3150 Paradise Rd. in Las Vegas Nevada, the LVCC features millions of square feet of meeting, event and convention space. A walk from the North Halls to the South Halls (or vice versa) is alone a significant distance, not to mention all the walking that’s done (oftentimes while carrying your laptop) inside the halls while attending conferences.

As a chiropractor, I almost feel it’s my duty to share what I’ve learned from years of experience in regards to choosing the best hotels when attending conferences at this location. We are talking Las Vegas, and things that I think are a plus (like no-smoking hotels) may be a negative to others, so this guide won’t suit everyone. Also, I have no affiliation with any of the hotel’s being mentioned, this is purely my opinion based on my own experiences.

Our reference starting point: Las Vegas Convention Center at 3150 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Here’s my list of factors you may find important when making a decision on which hotel to choose.

  • Proximity to LVCC (North Hall versus South Hall)
  • Non Casino Hotels
  • Non Smoking Hotels
  • Proximity to other Casino Hotels
  • Hotel Proximity to LV Monorail
  • Quality of Hotel
  • Hotel Resort Fees
  • Hotel Parking Fees
  • Walking
  • Taxi
  • Travel by Car (but daily parking at LVCC)
  • WiFi in Hotel

In selecting a hotel, I’d suggest using the above factors and place them in the order that best suits your needs. For me proximity is a big factor. While often times not the official conference hotel, my number one choice is going to be the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel owned and operated by Marriott. It’s located directly next to the Las Vegas Convention Center South Halls and it meets several of my desirable factors. Besides its location, it’s a non-casino hotel, a non-smoking hotel (I believe), is nearby the Las Vegas Monorail, is of good quality, and has WiFi (for a fee). On the downside it’s not located near the strip, where many of the after hours conference parties take place. There are daily resort fees and daily parking fees and if you’re not driving expect to add taxi fees (or least monorail fees) to your expenses.

Travel the Strip in 15 Minutes or LessMy recommendation is to stay at the Renaissance when attending a conference held in the South Halls, and purchase a monorail pass so you can visit the Las Vegas strip.

Nearby convention center hotels that are non-casino and also operated by Marriott include the:

Courtyard Las Vegas Convention Center
3275 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Residence Inn Las Vegas Convention Center
3225 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Las Vegas Marriott Hotel
325 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

If selecting any of these three hotels, expect to walk quite a bit more than if you were staying at the Renaissance. For that reason, I’ve personally never chosen either of those three hotels when attending a conference in the South Halls. It’s a different story when attending a North Hall conference, but when that’s the case I lean towards potentially staying at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton).

It’s been many years since I’d consider the LVH a quality casino hotel but its location to the Nouth Halls makes it a good choice if you don’t mind walking. As an added bonus there is a monorail station at the hotel which you can use to visit numerous hotels on the Las Vegas strip. There’s also a Las Vegas Convention Center monorail station so if you choose this hotel when attending conferences in the South Halls, the monorail comes in handy. Hotel rates at the LVH are reasonable which I consider a bonus, but there’s plenty of smoking, and as far as I can recall there are daily resort fees. I really hate daily resort fees.

If you’re not selecting hotels that are closest to the convention center, other factors may become more important to you, and you’ll likely start looking at hotels located on the Las Vegas Strip. I can tell you, again from experience, that if you’re going to the convention center at least once a day (over several days of attending conferences) I’d advise selecting a hotel that has easy access to the monorail (I’m a big fan of the monorail since it costs less than taxis and is better for the environment).

The problem with hotels on the Las Vegas Strip is that many appear to have good monorail access but that’s not truly the case. Last year while attending 2011 PubCon Las Vegas I stayed at the PH Towers Westgate (now Hilton Elara). While I loved the one-bedroom suites with in-room Jacuzzi tubs, the walk from the hotel to the monorail station at Bally’s felt like it was 2 miles. What you don’t see in online maps is that in many cases, there’s no access to the monorail at street level, forcing you to snake your way through casinos in order to gain access. Obviously that was part of the plan but it stinks if you’re a business traveler and not a tourist.

Bally’s itself has much better monorail access, as does the MGM Grand, and the Imperial Palace and Harrah’s Las Vegas hotel (all located on the strip) have easy access as well. The MGM Grand and Bally’s are fairly good quality (I’ve chosen Bally’s for conferences many times) and Imperial Palace is pretty much the dive of the Las Vegas strip. Harrah’s is fair. Note that Bally’s, Harrah’s and Imperial Palace (as well as the Flamingo which is also in that hotel cluster) are all part of Caesars Entertainment (Total Rewards) and there’s no resort fees and free parking, a big plus for me (especially when driving my Jeep).

Oftentimes conferences held at the Las Vegas Convention Center feature official conference hotels, which often results in special rates, and possibly more importantly opportunities to spend time and network with other conference attendees. If that’s a greater priority to you, choosing any of the hotels listed here (unless one of them happens to be the official conference hotel) may not be your best choice. If that’s the case I’d read my conference guide and take cabs or shuttles with other attendees.

You may think that if taking a taxi it doesn’t matter which hotel you stay at in Las Vegas. I used to think that until I sat in traffic each morning as the taxicab meter ticked, while eagerly waiting to get to the convention center. Both the Wynn and Encore hotels (near five star quality too) are a short cab ride to the LVCC, these are top hotel choices (especially if somebody else is picking up the hotel tab). You will have resort fees but they are arguably the most luxurious hotels located nearest the convention center. Hopefully local search results will improve before you book at either of those hotels.

I hope this information is useful to you, have fun in Las Vegas!


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