2010 PubCon Las Vegas Photos

They did it again! From personal experience, and all the chatter I’ve been hearing online, PubCon Las Vegas 2010 was a rousing success. The 2010 Las Vegas Internet Conference had its highest attendance ever, with enthusiasts on Search, Social Media, Internet Marketing, and Website Operation, gathered together to discuss where we are, where we were, and where we are going in our increasingly connected world.

Sharing photos from PubCon (2010 PubCon South Dallas and 2009 PubCon Las Vegas) is becoming a regular thing for me, since getting my first DSLR camera in mid-1999. I am confirmed for 2011 Austin PubCon in March, which gives me excuse enough to buy a new lens before heading to Texas.

I selected a dozen photos from my Flickr PubCon 2010 photo set to share here, along with brief stories of the people pictured, and whatever came to mind while posting.

Kate Morris and Joanna Lord

Let’s begin with Kate Morris and Joanna Lord. I’d call this photograph Double Goodness, because every time I see either one of these positive and motivating ladies, they always have smiles to share. They are both regular speakers at PubCon, as well as other search/marketing related conferences, and they are both active runners.

Michael Gray

Up next we have Long Island’s favorite cooking SEO dad, Michael Gray ( a.k.a. graywolf). Being that I am from Long Island as well, I enjoy a lot of what Michael posts and says, it brings back childhood memories (like sharing photos from the Milleridge Inn). I enjoy seeing photos of what he’s conjuring up for dinner as much as I appreciate his rants and knowledge shared on search and affiliate marketing.

Heather Champion

Here’s a nighttime shot featuring Heather Champion inside Gilley’s Country Bar at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. While not shown in the photo, Heather is bravely sitting atop a mechanical bull. There were so many different colored lights, and people’s movements were so fast, I found it difficult shooting without a flash in the room. Glad to have gotten at least a few clear photos to capture the event.

3 Bald SEOs

True story, I didn’t realize these three gentlemen were bald until after one of them mentioned it, and I had been sitting at the table with them for nearly half an hour. From left to right and in no particular order of awesomeness areĀ Steve Boymel, Alan K’necht (author of The Last Original Idea), and Marty Weintraub of aimClear consulting services. Steve Boymel is someone I see at nearly every search conference I attend, he is hopefully enjoying a post PubCon trout fishing trip right about now. Alan is quite active in my twitter stream, and I like that, as I get most of my information on search from my tweeting friends. I’m glad to see Marty at conferences and equally glad he doesn’t live next door as his energy would drive me crazy. That being said, the crazy ones tend to bring out the best ideas in me.

Efren Toscano

If you walked through the exhibit area, you likely saw Efren Toscano, cofounder of TechZulu. Efren, along with others on his team, works incredibly hard at getting the latest tech and media information posted online. Word is Efren chooses his Las Vegas hotels based on quality of their fitness centers and whose open the most hours. He keeps the tech community up to date and keeps himself physically fit, it’s a winning combination.

Michael Streko

Another East Coast resident I have great admiration for, Michael Streko of knowem fame. Streko typically speaks on competitive intelligence and need-to-know activity within ones industry. From what I’ve experienced so far in knowing Michael, I’ve found he works hard, plays harder, and enjoys life to the fullest.

Vanessa Zamora

From the city of Austin, Texas we have Vanessa Zamora, Video Content Producer at WebmasterWorld. She is part of the awesome PubCon staff that works hard in seeing that we all enjoy ourselves. She’s probably smiling at the idea that 2011 PubCon South is nearby, making it an easy commute.

Matt Siltala

Some photos just happen to turn out great, and this one featuring Matt Siltala, was one of the most popular and most retweeted during the PubCon Las Vegas week. With comments like “fear the beard” and mentions of birds perhaps nesting in there, the image got some circulation. A diehard Arizona Cardinals fan, Matt is one of my NFL buddies on twitter, sharing thoughts on the victories and upsets of America’s greatest sport.

Outspoken Media

No PubCon conference is complete without the ladies from Outspoken Media. From left to right we have Senior Account Manager Dawn Wentzell, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Rhea Drysdale (and SEO Industry Hero), and Co-Founder and Chief Branding Officer Lisa Barone. Another Long Islander, Lisa was one of the first people in the SEO industry to give me a link, putting her high on my list of favorite people.

Greg Boser

Former fellow rockstar of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, Greg Boser still rocks people at search conferences throughout the world. While I won’t put it into words, Greg said something regarding Google (a philosophy if you will) that resonated with me, and earned him even more respect for me than he had before. It’s the number one thing I took home from sin city, and I hope to keep it on the forefront of my thinking, as we move forward on search in 2011.


While visiting the BlueGlass exhibit booth, I was able to snap this photo of BlueGlass staff with Chief Marketing Officer Chris Winfield. Among all his other talents, Chris is a master of MTH (Making Things Happen), he is also the reason behind my chiropractic office being featured in USA Today.

Keynote Speakers

The fact that I was up early enough to take photos before Wednesday morning’s keynote session was impressive enough for me. I was even happier that the images in the darkened room came out with some clarity, my lens and mind enlightened by the session, which was moderated by Melanie Mitchell. From left to right we have fellow rock ‘n roll lover Brian Clark of copyblogger fame, Chris Brogan (who was the first person to say hello when I arrived at PubCon, cementing the fact that you can’t go wrong being a welcoming person in the community), Melanie Mitchell, Scott Stratton, and Sarah Evans (who just got added to my twitter stream).

That’s my select 12 photographs from PubCon Las Vegas 2010, feel free to browse the entire set if you wish. Many thanks to those who permitted me to take their photographs, thank you to the friends and good times in Las Vegas, thank you to the new people I met (I look forward to seeing you at future events), thanks to the photo related tweets and retweets, and most of all thanks to PubCon, I had a blast!


  1. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all. You really have an eye & I appreciate you taking these photos and sharing them with us all!