Chiropractors Twitter Background and Avatar

I got volunteered over the weekend to do some development on the chiropractors twitter profile, and before I began looking around the net for a place to get page profiles done, I figured I’d post the information here so I could come back to it if needed.

Basically, the twitter profile for chiropractors hasn’t been too active, and I’d like to get things better organized and looking more professional for when the account starts getting tweeted from regularly.

Chiropractors TwitterChiropractors Twitter Profile Screenshot

Unlike the @chiropractic profile I use for my personal account, this twitter profile is intended to represent all practicing doctors of chiropractic in the United States. One of the goals on the table is to help users locate chiropractors and answer questions regarding the field and/or practice of chiropractic. That being said I wouldn’t want the profile page to be a photograph of an individual, rather I’d want to be something that was representative of an entire industry.

There are quite a few services I’ve seen that create twitter backgrounds and graphics, with some being free and others costing anywhere from 20 bucks to $150. I’m sure in cases where a graphic artist has custom designed a twitter profile for a specific brand or individual (like some social media guru) the costs involved may be higher.

I haven’t given it much thought so I think I’ll be checking out a number of current twitter landing pages and custom designs to see what’s out there. I figure while a profile page background is getting designed we may as well go ahead and have a matching avatar created as well. If you’ve seen good examples of landing pages or profiles please point them out. Also, if you have a good source for affordable computer graphic design work, let me know.