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Drunken Batman Spotted on Las Vegas Strip

Taking photos in Las Vegas: is that a drunken batman in the background? While walking along the Las Vegas Strip I spotted this local wearing a not so welcoming t-shirt and enjoying a 24oz Pabst Blue Ribbon. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed someone else was in this photo. Take a look.

Pabst Blue Ribbon on Las Vegas Stripaka Welcome to Las Vegas

Not the most friendly t-shirt but I thought it was funny so I asked permission to take this guys picture. What I didn’t see was the man in tights leaning against the railing while polishing off what was likely an alcoholic beverage left behind by a passing tourist. Holy Uggs Batman!

wtf batman las vegasWTF Batman? That’s just plain ugly.

Walking the Las Vegas Strip (and even from the airport) you sometimes see the oddest things, but this photo’s got me checking others to see what I may have missed.