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PubCon Dallas South 2010 Photos

April 13-15: Webmasters, Social Media Experts, SEOs, Online Marketing Managers (and just plain great people) descended on the Richardson Civic Convention Center in Dallas Texas for PubCon South 2010, a three-day educational conference and industry trade show specifically programmed for web professionals and website owners.

I traveled with my Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera, along with a new L-series lens, and was planning on taking lots of photos, but I found myself gabbing and taking notes rather than shooting photographs. When I returned home, I discovered less than two dozen pictures on the SD card, so I have far less photos to share than what I had from the 2009 PubCon Las Vegas.

Group Photo PubCon Dallas 201013 incredibly smart and attractive people in the field of search and online marketing

Steve Plunkett (guy in the back holding up the peace sign) gets credit for getting people together for this photograph (LOL to who mentioned I was a CNN published photographer). For those that might want to print an original size of this photo and post it on your bedroom wall, you can view and download it from my photo set on Flickr. Who’s all in the photo? Post a comment and let’s get all 13 of these folks identified with proper link love. I have almost all the names, I’ll update this soon.

Brett Tabke PubCon Dallas 2010 ObamaBrett Tabke speaking on Social Media at PubCon

The master of ceremonies, Brett Tabke answers questions related to social media (with a colorful Barack Obama image on the screen in background), during one of the many sessions held during the three-day conference.

Steve Plunkett Matt Siltala PubCon DallasThe Men in Black Sunglasses – Steve Plunkett and Matt Siltala

These two guys are full of style, and are quite fun to hang out with at an SEO conference. Matt Siltala is an SEO based in Phoenix Arizona, and I have no clue where Steve Plunkett is based out of, I just know he can get the job done. Steve gets bonus points for being an NFL lover and Oakland Raiders fan like myself.

Michael Martin PubCon 2010Michael Martin of Mobile Martin

San Diego’s own Michael Martin, an SEO, Computer Engineer, and contributor for several search engine related publications. Michael currently does a lot of lead generation  for topics like phone systems and voice over IP phones. You can find him on twitter under the username googleandblog.

Ben Fisher PubCon 2010Ben Fisher – Serial Entrepreneur – speaking at PubCon

I’ve listened to Ben Fisher speak at several search and social media related conferences. You may know him from his Social Dude website or his techpadagency profile on twitter. Based in Phoenix Arizona, Ben has been known to drive  all the way to Los Angeles to order coffee on a weeknight and talk tech with Internet friends. 🙂

Kenny Hyder PubCon Dallas 2010Kenny Hyder enjoying good times at PubCon Dallas 2010

If you’re going to a search conference, Kenny’s a great guy to be hanging out with. He’ll keep you up late and make sure you get very little sleep, so your minds not focused on work, and can actually soak up fresh information. An independent marketing consultant, Kenny has numerous skills in the field of search and social media. You may be able to find him in Santa Barbara California but you’ll more likely find him on twitter.

Allrighty then, that’s some of the folks from PubCon Dallas 2010, see y’all in Las Vegas in November!

Venice Parrot Local Photo Test

Testing iPhone photo uploads to the blog.

The above text was posted via mobile (along with the photo below). The remaining content are notes on what’s going on and what I am working to improve.

Parrot Photo Venice Beach

I’ve been talking about how I want to develop a theme for uploading photos from mobile devices so I’ll be doing some tests here and posting my notes.

There is an iPhone WordPress app so one can create posts on the go. There is also ability to geolocate the post. The iPhone already geocodes photos (I’m fairly certain) with info added to the exif data of the jpeg files. These are good things but I want more.

One thing I noticed quickly was that the image link URL was ugly as hell, that will have to be modified so image files are more SEO friendly.

Also related to the image I had to go and manually edit via “Edit Image Title” and then “Edit Alternate Text” in the Advanced Settings. Too many steps for my comfort. Will work on a way to optimize this.