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2009 PubCon Las Vegas Photos

WebmasterWorld’s Search & Internet Marketing Conference (PubCon Vegas) was held November 10-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada. PubCon Vegas 2009 featured many incredibly talented individuals speaking on their areas of expertise, with topics geared for webmasters, affiliates, search engine marketers, SEOs, program managers and more. With as many as 6 sessions taking place at a time, PubCon Las Vegas offered something for everyone. I’ve already marked my calendar for PubCon South 2010 Dallas on April 13-15, 2010.

Being that there’s so many sessions taking place at the same time it’s tough for one person to get around to all the rooms and still be able to listen in on presentations. I found myself going to rooms to take photos of speakers, and then sitting down for the presentation, so I didn’t make it to as many rooms as I would’ve liked to. Fortunately, there are already hundreds of 2009 PubCon photos posted on Flickr. For those interested, my entire 2009 PubCon Vegas photo set is on Flickr as well.

Rhea-Drysdale-PubCon-2009Rhea Drysdale of Outspoken Media

Rhea Drysdale is the Chief Operating Officer at Outspoken Media, an Internet marketing company made up of respected industry leaders. Rhea did an excellent presentation on reputation management and it’s obvious she’s real passionate about what she does.

Marty-Scott-pubcon-2009Marty Weintraub and Scott Hendison

Marty Weintraub of Aim Clear has crazy energy. Every time I see Marty he’s always smiling. He was on more sessions than I can recall. The 3 day schedule kept him busy for sure. Scott Hendison is a Portland, Oregon based Internet consultant. When I spoke on the local search panel and recommended businesses hire experts to handle their SEO campaigns, I was referring to people like Scott.

Jennifer-Laycock-PubCon-2009Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide

Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide, one of the best sites I know of where small businesses can get information on search engine optimization and search engine marketing techniques. I sat in on Jennifer’s panel for the Reputation Monitoring and Management session, something every business owner and brand evangelist should have more knowledge of.

Greg-Chris-Marcus-PubCon-2009From left to right… Greg Finn – Chris Winfield – Marcus Tandler

The above photo is a great example of “it’s who you know not what you know”, I’ve been real fortunate to become friends with so many talented individuals in the SEO and social media space. Greg is the Director of Internet marketing for 10e20 and he puts on some butt kicking presentations. Chris Winfield is the 10e20 President and Co-Founder. He’s one of the most respected individuals in the industry. He lives an attitude of goodwill and when he says he’s got your back, your golden. Marcus Tandler is another online marketing superhero. Marcus is the CEO of a German-based SEO company. You can find him hanging out with the best of the best at the SEO Oktoberfest in Munich Germany.

Krista-Neher-PubCon-2009Krista Neher on PubCon Panel

You know when you attend a conference and somebody says one thing that you can take away, making the entire event worth the investment? While I got lots of great information at PubCon it was one thing Krista Neher said during the reputation management panel that resulted in a shifting of my headspace. I love coming home with a change in perspective.

Brian-Combs-PubCon-2009Brian Combs on the Universal Search Panel

The Universal Search panel was my most “wow” attended session of the week. I was not prepared for the high level of presentations and was sort of expecting a same old same old discussion of stuff I already knew. It was pleasing to see how wrong I was. Brian Combs, owner of Local SEO firm, ionadas local, wowed the crowd with information on local search as it relates to universal. It’s a lot more than photographs and video.

Kate-Morris-PubCon-2009Kate Morris of Marketing Demons

Kate Morris is a holistic search engine marketing consultant, she was on several panels I attended, and I really love the session on Landing Page Optimization. Kate has that positive energy attitude that I’ve seen in so many of my Internet friends, a quality that motivates me to attend more conferences, in hopes of discovering similar people.

Barry-Schwartz-RustyBrick-PubCon-2009Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick and Search Engine Roundtable

No Search Engine Conference is complete without the live blogging expertise of Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick Web design and Development, and the Search Engine Roundtable. Barry has his fingers on the pulse of the search community and he shows an incredible dedication to serving the industry of search, in part with his live blogging efforts, as well as with his numerous search engine topic related posts.

Michael-Strecko-PubCon-2009Michael Streko of KnowEm Username Check

Michael Streko is a cofounder of KnowEm, a service that allows people to search more than 340 popular social media networks, allowing them to secure their brand across the social web. While at PubCon, I sat in on Michael’s presentation on Competitive Intelligence, and I took away lots of juicy information.

Matt-Siltala-PubCon-2009Matt Siltala speaking at PubCon 2009

I caught the above photo of Matt Siltala during the Competitive Intelligence: Know Thy Competitor Well session. Matt is a search engine optimization consultant who specializes in Natural Search, Social Media Marketing, Link Building Strategies, Link Baiting and Reputation Management. He is also a huge Arizona Cardinals fan. You can never have enough friends that love watching NFL football.

Michael-Gray-PubCon-2009Michael Gray speaking at 2009 PubCon in Las Vegas

Michael Gray, known to many in the world of SEO as Graywolf, who frequently posts on his Wolf Howl blog, is one of the people I most admire in the industry of search. What I like so much about Michael is that he’s a real guy that stands up for his principles and beliefs, regardless of what the current consensus is among others in online search and social media spaces. Respect.

Tony-Adam-pubcon-2009Tony Adam and his BillShrink branded laptop

Tony Adam is the director of search engine optimization at BillShrink, a service that can save you money on gas, cell phones, cell phone plans and credit cards. Tony appeared to be speaking at the same times as I was so I didn’t get a chance to attend any of his sessions. I’ve known Tony for a few years now and he’s at the top of my list for Most Awesome Dudes. Has an amazing work ethic that carries over into his relationships with friends and industry professionals. He is another one of those “got your back” kind of people.

I have pretty much posted all of my daytime Vegas session photos to a PubCon photo set if you want to view them all, thanks to everyone that retweeted this post. @chiropractic

Local Search and Mobile 2009 PubCon Presentation

Last week I presented at the 2009 PubCon Las Vegas conference. I was on the Local Search panel, which had more people in attendance than I’ve seen in a long time for a local search (maybe the time for local has come), and to top it off it was the first session of the day.

I posted a copy of the presentation to slideshare and have embedded it here for viewing…

Viewing the slideshow presentation doesn’t get as much information as having attended the event, but you may find something useful in the presentation nonetheless.

I talked about convergence of the desktop shopper and the cell phone user, the increased activity we are seeing in wireless, and how local search is appearing in the SERPS.

I asked a few questions on twitter about the use of mobile applications in finding places to eat locally and received some pretty interesting responses. A few of those were posted and appear in the slides.

When I talk about SEO for local search like it’s 1999, I don’t mean spamming guest books with links. Link building is obviously important, but for local search, the basics still rule. I did a presentation earlier in the year on granular data , which is also related to the area of local search.

Thanks to all those that attended the presentation live in Las Vegas, I know it can be tough to be awake and at the conference center at 10 o’clock in the morning, you guys rocked!