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Going Granular Local Search Presentation

I’ve been meaning to post this presentation since I spoke at PubCon Austin earlier this year. I was on the local search panel and my topic was Going Granular with local search.

On the Chiropractic Blogs site I’ve talked about granular data and location information quite a bit. It amazes me how many people to this day still don’t invest the extra time into things like filling out fields completely or including detailed information related to the topic they are blogging on. Getting very detailed with the information you are delivering can provide great benefit, especially with long-tail search results.

If you want to view the slideshow presentation it’s 19 slides long. I covered more in the talk but at least the slides offer some basics on the topic.

One of the last slides simply says “True Story” and it refers to a case where I used granular data in a blog post that resulted in a client calling my chiropractic office. That client was seeking specifically what I covered in the post (down to the model number of equipment used) and since has referred a half dozen+ other clients.