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Bear Alert

I was in Yosemite national Park about a week and a half ago. Signs like this were all over the property of the hotel I stayed at (Ahwahnee Hotel). I saw two bears on different days while I was in the park, but none on the hotel property.

Bear Alert

There should be signs like this around my house for my Labradors. Unfortunately they’ve been over domesticated and will jump up to the countertop in search of food morsels, will lick your plate when you’re not looking, and will aggressively protect their dog treats when you come into any room they may be snacking in.

Plugins to Add

This is pretty much a raw install of WordPress. Activated three plug-ins after setting this up but I plan to add a number more.

This site is a place where I can share more personal information and I’ll likely be posting lots of photos. Plug-ins on my list include:

something to connect to my flicker account

something to connect to my friendfeed account

updates from my twitter profile

maybe a gallery2 photo plug-in, or some other plug in for large amounts of photos

some kind of location plug-in, so I can update where I am at

And I’ll see what other plug-ins come up as I am updating this blog. OK back to work.

Time to update the blog

It’s time to update this site and begin adding info here, mostly so I can keep track of various social things I’m doing.

Check my blogroll if you are looking for a particular MD. Be back soon.