Interior Las Vegas Airport Photos

I took a few Las Vegas airport interior photos after arriving on a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles over the weekend. I didn’t stay in the terminal for a long, since I was eager to head out to the strip on a photo walk, but I wondered if the airport had anything to offer in the way of local search.

hudson news las vegas airportHudson News Las Vegas Airport

After exiting the plane (B gate), one of the first things that caught my eye (besides the double double bonus poker airport slot machines), was this roulette table inspired Hudson News store. I like that Hudson News designed the Southwest terminal storefront with a casino theme, and I can’t recall seeing similar things in places like Los Angeles, or other locations I’ve seen Hudson News in airports.

I took seeing the ball of the roulette wheel on 10 Black as a sign that maybe I should be playing that number over the weekend, turned out to be not such a good strategy. I believe there are several news stands operated by the same company inside McCarron LAS Airport, but this is the only one I saw, curious if they all have the same Vegas style theme.

Las Vegas Fruits & NutsLas Vegas Fruits & Nuts

What I thought was interesting about this fruits and nuts booth (which I discovered later) was that the store actually has a place page on Google maps. There was no photo on the place page so I thought I’d help out and share this one with them. For those curious, the photo was added to the place page the day after I submitted it.

It’s an unlikely place for people to find while doing searches online, especially since you have to be inside the Southwest terminal, in order to make a purchase at this store. I doubt many travelers departing from a flight, would be actively thinking about writing a review regarding a fruits and nuts stand inside the terminal. Possibly an example where local search isn’t necessarily going to help this business very much, especially when compared to the business they receive from people boarding and departing on flights.

I suppose if the product was really awful, they might gather some negative reviews, but that’s not likely to stop the hungry traveler who’s about to get on a several hour flight after a weekend in Las Vegas. There is the possibility that somebody in the airport is actually using their mobile phone and searching for fruits and nuts to purchase before getting on a flight. If that’s the case (I still find it highly unlikely) they might find this location, and they may read related reviews.

ReCharge ZoneLaptop and Mobile Phone ReCharge Zone

I love the airport recharging zones. I’ve actually taken quite a few photographs at different airports, as I’m continually seeking out the perfect airport recharge zone design. I love when airports have places like this to charge your laptops and phones, I love it even more when they have free WiFi, like McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas does.

I took the photo of the recharge zone while on the people mover heading to the ground transportation area. I was already on my way out of the airport so I didn’t head back to grab better shots. I did notice that there were five seats available but the 3 guys sitting there were occupying alternating seats. That’s typical.

For me, the perfect airport recharging zone would be situated nearby the gate I’m leaving out of, there would be free WiFi, and good quality coffee somewhere close by. Provide a setup like that I’m likely to get to the airport at least an hour before my flight, with little concern about sitting around waiting for takeoff. The charging station does have to be setup in a way that I can see my departure gate, or else I admittedly get a bit nervous about my flight departure, since I can easily get caught up in computer activity, and not pay attention to what else is going on around me.

Clark County Department of AviationClark County Department of Aviation

This last photo doesn’t count as a true interior photo, since I took it inside the airport parking garage, just outside the arrivals area. It was a yellow airport service vehicle, and while I didn’t photograph it, I have an interest in municipal stickers like these. Next, join me on a walk from the Las Vegas Airport to the Las Vegas Strip.


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